Logictivity is a boutique consulting firm that specialises in harnessing personal and corporate excellence. One aspect of our service brings you the latest innovative ideas via thought-provoking lectures, powerful presentations, and engaging workshops.

Jonar is a versatile presenter who can (as appropriate) captivate, inspire, challenge, shock, or disturb an audience of any size. Whether he is humorous or controversial, he delivers slick, tantalising, and thought-provoking messages that are met with rapturous applause. You can watch a short video of Jonar in action here.

The team at Logictivity works closely with clients to understand their needs, and then provides support to Jonar Nader -- our Digital-Age Philosopher who can re-arrange an audience's molecules on subjects ranging from technology to leadership.

Jonar does not like to think of himself as a presenter. Rather, he is an educator who first familiarises himself with your business imperatives so that his presentations become customised solutions, taking into account the audience, where it be ten director or 100 managers, or 10,000 staff members or potential customers.

Some of Jonar’s topics are featured on the right. We would welcome the opportunity to customise something especially for you. If we can be of assistance, please contact us by completing this Business Request Form.